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We research, preserve, and care for vulnerable marine environments and its species by providing communities with knowledge.



Our research projects are based on collection of veridical data. We encourage fellow scientist, stakeholders, organizations (NGO), academic institutions, government and other entities to join us.


Tribuga’s Gulf

Every year, the warm Colombian waters attract humpback whales that come back from their feeding grounds in Antarctica and Chile, to give birth to beautiful calves and find a mate.

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Antarctic Whale Watching

Members of our foundation have previously visited and worked in the great Antarctica. This year, we plan to go there during the Austral summer 2019-2020.

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The information presented here of the following collaborators is mentioned because we have already established collaborations with them or are in the process of discussing projects plans, involvement and participation. It is not to say that we are collaborating with all of them but rather that we are attempting to do so.


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Beforehand we would like to thank you for all your contribution towards a great work and cause. The funds from your donations grants and collections received will be used variously.


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volunteer program

We are seeking two full-time volunteer research assistants for the project “Todos Somos Pacifico” forthcoming field season in Tribuga’s Gulf, Colombia Pacific coast.